The Vermilion-Dreams Of The Heart

My May-Flower
Has Four Vermilion-Leaves
Just The Same Are
The Other Vermilion-Dreams.
That Springs In The Heart
Breathes Within The Mind
While I Pray The Thought-Birds
Not To Trample
The Soft Dream’s Grass.

Even If Another Dream
Stray Off In My Rhythmic-Thoughts
And Be Ashamed
And So Far
I Might Admit
Even In The First Stanza
You’re My Favorite Mysterious-Riddle
And The Pain Will Shoo
Only By Two Words
Do Not Know How Tell You …
To Say It? ….
“Love Ya”

I’m Not Asking Much
Than Just Your Heart.
It’ll Remain In My Heart
Until My Return.
I Request You,
Please Do Not Distance In Vain,
As My Heart-Rhythm Is Forming
Or We Could Have Together
Gone To An Endless-Journey.

I Pardon Your Heart,
While Looking For
Tenderness In The Wine
With At Least
One Cuddling Tonight
Down The Sabaramati.

You Were Unseen
At Full Of Spring,
Was The Color-Festival,
Come On
Unbutton A Buttoned-Heart
Merge Your Heart With Mine
Pray And Swear
And Join The Frozen Hands
To Join The Two Life.

I Imagine So …
My Heart Is A White Paper,
While You Write,
And I Freely
Draw You On It.
No Way
Will Never Drive You Out Of My Heart
I Have A ‘You’ As A Disease …
Does The Pain Affect?,
Under My Philosophy, And The Comfort,
If You Want To Get
Your Existence,
I’ll Be A Small Dust-Particle In My Heart.

Trust Me,
When We Come Together
After Your Caresses
I Smell You On Everything.
When The Blood-Flow-Rises
Blend With Winds From The East
I’ll Take You
In The Room
Without The Windows
To You To Experience
My Nights
Without You.
As If Without You
I’m A Useless ‘Pen’
Which No One Hands
And Everyone
Who Looked At Me
I Ask
The White-Paper…
So The I Can Create
Your Portrait ….!!!

– Jayendra Ashara …2013.07.27…


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