:::… You Are The Rainbow-Colors Of My Life -Canvas…:::


:::… You Are The Rainbow-Colors Of My Life -Canvas…:::

You Know,
You’re The Best Thing That Happened
At The Point Where I No Longer Had Any Desire Or Dream .
I Did Not Know ,
I Didn’t Wish Changes In My Life ,
I Lived An Ordinary Life ,
My Life Was Painting …
And Then You Walked Into By Accident ,
A Gust Of Wind Through The Door Ajar Of My Heart.
I Took A Breath And Started With You
And Matched The Rhythm Of Breathe
A Different Life Where Love And
Who Have A Thirst .
It’s Full Of Suspense And Questions That Have No Answers ,
Not Sure, Wanting To Meet You ,
Somewhere On A Hillside ,
In One Place That Would Be Ours Only,
Interwoven With Our Madness And Love
Mutual Desire To Connect
In The Soft Arms …
A Long Passionate Kiss Of A Lover.
You Being The Reason  …
Does Not Pass The Time, If You’re Not In My Thoughts.
And The Moments Zoom Passes, As You Are In The Thoughts …
It Would Be Nice To Have A Fragrant-Soft You…
All Over Me ,
While Quenching Thirst From The Juice Your Lips…
The Smell Of Your Hair ,
Slip Folding Your Fingers Through It , And Merged With Themselves.
My Body Quivered At The Thought …
That Gives Me The Touch Of Your Warm-Soft Hand ,.
Think Of Us In This Glade ,
Where We Are Alone In Their Wild World.
Can You Feel How My Body Writhing Under Thy?
Can You Feel Me Quiver With Desire To Have?
Can You Feel My Desire? And I Recognize Their  …
That Has Taken Me By Now … Right Now …
On Those Sweet Vastness Of Our Love ?
Unknowingly I …
Being ‘Me’ I Wished Changes In Your Life ,
You Came When I No Longer Had Any Desire Or A Dream .
My Life Was A Painting .
Now Again, I Dream In Seven-Colors And
Again Have The Desire To Live A Rainbow-Colored Dream Life …
A Life In Which You Will Be My Painting.

– Jayendra Ashara …2013.11.03…


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