:::… The Element Under Pressure – In Love…:::


:::… The Element Under Pressure – In Love…:::

Is It Possible To Mask The View,
To Watch Her Without Blinking,
In The Eye,
And Pretended To Be Me
Your Voice – Trembles And Does Not Feel.

Is It Possible To Vote To Add An Ice Cube,
To Change Its Color
From Red To Gray

And See You Through The Smoke
With An Expertly Trained Desire.

Is It Possible That
To You Yourself And Heart …
Can Be Touched
With An Index Finger Over Your Lips.
My Woman Is Always Understood;
I Would Not Wish For The Hungry Deal.

It’s Hard Going Against
The Volcano In The Rump;
When The Wild Urges Leads To Drops
Running Down The Thigh,
While Dragging Down
Your Whole Waistline.

Chest Hurts When Your … Venus Is High …
It’s Unbearable As You Cry
Difficult When The Thought Beeps …
It Is Unbearable – Severe
Circumvolving Element Under Pressure.

– Jayendra Ashara …2013.10.05…


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