:::…The Fire In The Valley…:::


:::…The Fire In The Valley…:::

The Passion-Crafty Hand
Plays The Waist Up …
That Breezes Ears-Pink,
As The Breasts Sways.

From Snarling-Passions
That Reach At The Heights,
As Papiha-Bird Sings  
At His High Pitch Love-Songs
Deluge-Fire In The Valleys
With The Parabolic-Passions.

Will The Rain-Fall Happen?
At-Least One Drop …?

The Fingers-Plays Rhythm
From The Waist Down …
That Chocks Your Breathe
To Play A Flute.

You Almost Unable To Breathe.
The Released Breath Sounds
Like The Cuckoo’s Call
Then, It Rains …
As In The Dreams You Desired.

The Parabolic Sync Of
The Love-Song’s
Rhythmic Play
Is Impossible To Extinguish
This Fiery-Fall.

– Jayendra Ashara …2013.12.26…




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