:::…The Lantern – My Love…:::


:::…The Lantern – My Love…:::

In Every Dark Foggy Rainy Day …
Your Eyes Emerges,
Flashes Alike Colorful-Wild-Flowers
Adds Tempo To My Blood Vessels,
Mesmerized By Your Eyes
Strikes A Smile On My Lips…

In An Every Solitary Morning…
The Melodious Sound Of Your Voice
Unsettles The Monotony
At A Comfortable Frequency
When Your Presence…
Flashes In My Mind…
The Never Written Symphony…
Of Our Souls Plays,
So We, Comfortably Dormant,
Another Smile.

When The Waves Of The Sea Winches,
Below The Skin-Pores
A Discomfort Slumbers,
Scared-Depression On The Margin
Waits For The Unintended Meaning,
At A Time Your Thought
Flashes In My Heart
In My Body,
In My Existence …
Relives Me!!!

Let Our Ship,
Be Threatened By A Storm,
I Believe, You As A Search-Light
Would Lead To A Peaceful Harbor
And Bestow The Happiness
In An Each Deserted Night.

You Are My Lantern – My Love.

– Jayendra Ashara …2014.01.16…


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