:::…You Are My Hangover…:::


:::…You Are My Hangover…:::

A Plain Water Never Tested Like You,
That Kept My Ventures Going With You,
As Just Two Words That Interests You
Prior To The Wine-Spills On The Floor

I’m A Maiden, Never Heard From You,
The Sky Above Me Glorifies A Vibrant Truth
Same Never Conveyed By Any Instances,
Blood Exclusively Enriched With The Wine.

Your Love Is A Wine Experience,
Shoots My Blood Dancing In The Vain,
Your Love Is A Starry-Moon Night
Turns A Dark Night To A Combustion Blue.

The Old-Wine-Glass-Bottle, You Are
Posses History Of My Heart-Balance,
Failed That Wine-Exams Ever In The Past,
I Prefer To Enjoy It Straight From The Lips.

The Wine-Love Glass Is Full Of You
Once A Blue-Night An Experience,
The Next Down, You Are My Hangover
It’s Just That The Wine Evaporates….

– Jayendra Ashara  …2014.01.24…


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