:::…X-Love – Desire To Accomplish…:::


:::…X-Love – Desire To Accomplish…:::

A Flight
In The Heaven,
And Abruptly
Descending Unintentionally,
A Centrifugal-Force
….Of Wind,
Adding To
The Circumstances
….The Fear
Cessations The Breath,
The Every Ruthless
Approaching Moments
Leaves A Trace
Of A Sadness And A Sleep
With The Creator……

My Only
Non-Conceived Imagination,
The Full-Throttle
Way Of Life
……To Fly
Aspiring The Stars,
All The Way Whistling
Gheorghe Zamfir” ***…
Flute Tunes …
Once Invented,
….Echoing  …
They Smile,
Reflecting …
The Glitter……

The Desirous …
Only Accomplishment,
The Time Machine
Brings Back The Time
As Alive She Is
Present In-Person,
To Experience
My Ultimate Desire,
Bridging The Imbroglios
Between Two-Heart
Of The Wandering
Celestial Vaults,
…. With …
An Immense Freedom
… Love Again…
To Accomplish.

– Jayendra Ashara …2014.02.02…

*** Gheorghe Zamfir is known for playing an expanded version of the traditional Romanian-style pan flute (nai) of 20 pipes to 22, 25, 28 and 30 pipes to increase its range, and obtaining as many as eight overtones (additionally to the fundamental tone) from each pipe by changing the embouchure.

 He is arguably known as “The Master of the Pan Flute”.

– The Fact-File From The Wikipedia


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