:::…The Dream – The Accomplishment…:::


:::…The Dream – The Accomplishment…:::

If You Compel The Dream

When You Recite A Dream,
Be The Reason
To Delay My Day.
Discourages My Enthusiasm
Which Is Ever So Short-Lived, 
Relaxed You
On My Soul
With A Frayed Ambitions…

With A Changed Mood
Pressed Palms
On Another Flaming-Fresh,
Glittering Dreams.
My Ambitions Are
Fully Elsewhere,
Though The Plans Are
Just Here,
Just Now,
The Moment
When All Groggily
Tighten Ties
Straighten Skirts
At The Busy Pace
Initiate The Morning.

But …My Nights Are
Never Quite…!
Has Dreams.
Has Its Achievements.
As I Love To Perspire…
Under You,
Over You,
With You
In You,
In Every Vein,
The Hungry Love,
In The Shadows
Of The Penance
At A Costly-Affair
To Move Your
Night Into A Day,
And This Dream
Is Not To Dream.
But … Is The
Of My Life 

– Jayendra Ashara  …2014.02.28…


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