:::…Colorful Rhythmic Jungle Fire…:::


:::…Colorful Rhythmic Jungle Fire…:::

Waiting For The Drums-Beat
With A Colorful Sequence
Observing The Fiery – Orange Lily 
In The Valley Of Your Bosoms

Convert The Green Meadows
Merge To A Florescent Sky’s-Blue
Where Her Red-Love Exist
To Let Me Drink From The Pink-Lips.

Present Me The Best Trumpeter
Plant A Decorated 
Rainbow-Colored Umbrella 
At The Colorful-Fair

As A Chili Pot Boiling
Red-Skirt’s Border Circularly-Swings 
With The Rhythm Of 
The Drum And Her Swaying Hips

Convert All The Plain Simplicity
In To A Hyperbolic Color Of Fountain
As I Perceive All Festive Colors
In Her Pink Dewed-Eye 
With A Blue Long Eyelashes

Highly Adoring 
The Curve Sculpted Figure 
That The God Sourced To Dance 
On The Rhythm Of The Colors

Elements With 
The Folk Music
Adding The Earthy Colors
A Euphoric Dance Movements

The Rhythmic Colorful Experience 
May Intoxicate 
To Inject A Colorful Memory
That Engraves A Memento Of Her. 

– Jayendra Ashara …2014.03.16…


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