:::..An Igneous Stranger…:::


:::..An Igneous Stranger…:::

Shoulder To Shoulder
With An Unknown Co-Traveler;
With A Stranger.
Interesting To Know…
Breath Of Breath’s
The Secret,
That Heart Would Not Reveal.

View On View
With The Perspective.
Anxiously Waiting For The Shower
The Heart Beats A Loud.
Skin On Skin
With The Intense Desire,
As The Morning Parabola Experience.

The Discomfort Of Discomfort,
On The Striking Rays Matter,
From The Infinity Of The Universe,
I Perceive You.
It Is An Instance
With An Intention
On The Hot Sand,
You – The ‘Rati-Apsara’.
In An Instant Striking Flash,
The Fire And Zeal;
Smoking A Firebrand Beauty…
With Cloudy-Rainy Shower
Extinguishes The Desire-Fire
To Accomplish.

– Jayendra Ashara …2014.04.26…


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