Gisele Bündchen – Balanced – Health -Mind- Soul


Gisele Bündchen – Balanced – Health -Mind- Soul
As one of the most famous faces in the modeling world, Gisele Bündchen has graced the covers of countless magazines. The supermodel tells O where she gets her confidence from.
“Confidence is very important for people. When you’re good to yourself and you accept yourself and you’re honest and you understand yourself, and you’re not judgmental – that is confidence. You can work to make yourself better every day.
I’m very confident. It helps that I have the best family in the world. We are very, very close. I believe everything comes from the family. To be a person who is confident, it helps to have a family who loves and supports you and makes you feel safe. When you have that, nothing else matters. They love you even when you make mistakes. I’m very lucky to have a strong base like that. They make me confident, because they accept me for who I am.”
Based on the trinity of Body Mind and Spirit. In order to live in balance we move towards being “mindful” on all three levels. Mindfulness teaches us to be present in the moment. Loving-kindness and presence to our own trinity requires some learning and practice. By being present in our everyday life through conscious body work, healthy eating, clean water, breathing and preventing trauma we attend to our own sacred garden, our Body Mind Spirit. This brings us to a closer connection with that which is true, pure and Love within us all. With regular practice we find a greater awareness of ourselves and surroundings and enjoy a heightened awareness to our everyday life.
Your dining experience is more than great food. It is a community experience centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy options and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility. It’s also about education and helping you make informed food choices so you can achieve your personal health and wellness goals. Balance, Mind, Body and Soul is a holistic or integrated approach to wellness that considers the whole person.
Regular exercise also keeps every other aspect of the body’s functions regular, and this aids a lot in promoting regular meals and meals that are healthy – again absolutely invaluable to the health of an unborn baby. Once again – it’s amazing what you can do for your body with a yoga mat!
Our brains are much more like a muscle than you might think, in that they can suffer from wasting and it can also become more powerful and retain more information with regular exercise. You might not know that exercise, apart from offering a distraction, builds resources in the brain. Increases in endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and noreepinephrine – vital neurotransmitters in the brain – can all come as a result of exercise, and will help improve how you feel about yourself. Regularly done, exercise can help reduce feelings of helplessness, panic attacks or the feeling of being trapped, or stuck in a rut. It can help reduce chronic pain levels too, for the same reasons.
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.06.04
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