Film Review – “Rhino Season”


Film Review – “Rhino Season”
– An Iranian Film By : Bahman Ghobadi, prominent Iranian-Kurdish filmmaker
Starcast : Behrouz Vossoughi “Saleh”, Monica Bellucci “Mina”
“The film presents Pristine cinematography, Many creative symbolic elements and painting-like background creates the contemporary film-frames, interesting split-out narrative structure, solid performances. And A bit too much mannerism at times, which adds the flavor to the film.”
The Story Line
Inspired by the fate of a family friend, Kurdish poet Sadegh Karmangar… the film tells the story of Saleh (played by veteran Iranian megastar Behrouz Vossoughi)… a poet released from jail after 30 years… who goes looking for his wife, “Mina” (Monica Bellucci), now living with her two children in Istanbul.
A celebrity during the Shah’s reign… “Saleh” a Kurd… was falsely accused of writing anti-Islamic poems and thrown into jail with his wife “Mina”… who was accused of having assisted his crimes. All this happened when their former driver “Akbar” (Yilmaz Erdogan)… who had fallen obsessively but hopelessly in love with Mina… that became a leading figure of the Islamic Revolution and wasted no time wrecking his vengeance on the couple.
Direction and Acting
Vossoughi, looking much younger than his 74 years, has barely a line of dialogue in the film. His eyes tell the story eloquently… watchful – heartbroken – confused as he witnesses scraps of his family’s current life that he can’t quite piece together. The film – echoing his state of mind… blends past – present… dream – reality in a way that discourages literal readings but serves the emotional thrust well. The voice we hear most is Bellucci’s… in voiceover – as she reads lines of Sahel’s poems in an even “somnambulant tone”.
The cryptic allusions in those poems make more sense as the story unfolds… and… and in other cases the action onscreen seems to bend itself to Sahel’s metaphors: Turtles rain from the sky – rhinos charge across a cracked-earth plain. DP Touraj Aslani renders these visions in bleached colors as if it is moving-painting-frames… often playing with light as if to recreate the altered perception of a man who hasn’t been in the sun for half his life..
By My Critic-Eye:
**The film has a great creative approach while building-up the story slowly… and only sometimes the story goes slow… and too slow. Though the visual elements are so intense that it may never let you get bored and keep your anxiety-up for the next frame.
**The film’s final scenes afford multiple readings, which will frustrate some viewers, but seems perfectly appropriate for a story whose protagonists spend decades not knowing what is real and what exists only in memory.

My Question And Learning –
Does The Religious Revolution Mean – “Cleansing of non-harmful Brilliant – Creative People Who Are Equal to God As They Can Create – Imagine -Establish a Change In The Way A Normal Human Live … As they have ability to have their own religion – “The Humanity” …”
….. “Do We Really Need Any Religious Revolutions?” …
Shocking Note :: Produced in Turkey-Kurdistan, Rhino Season is the first feature film made in exile by prominent Iranian-Kurdish filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi, since he escaped Iran in 2008.
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.06.06


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