:::…The Master…:::

:::…The Master…:::
I Would, If…
I Could Be A Slave.
Alas!! I Am The Master.
Is That Favorable?
I’m Fascinated
By My Regime
In Your Heart
Who’s Vessels Beats
Experienced In My Veins.
Your Coherence,
Raise The Blood Flow.
Like A Goddess,
“Are We Doing It Right?'”)
My Breath
As You Barely Cohere Me
With A Fragrant Breath.
The Paint Is Intact,
The Pearl Does Not Disperse,
When My Dreams
Sculpts Your Body
With The Submissive Desires.
Your Eyes Meditates,
While We Love
Dances – Shakes
The Feet
With Flying Skirt…
And Adding The List
And Hips Sway
And Thighs Gives A Way
And Non-Princely,
Dances …
Fragrant Perspirations
Until Her Lips Are Offering
Nectar To My Lust,
Growling Faintly.
And The Lips Tremble…
The Anxiety Perception
Is To Remain Firm.
The Master Is Me…
The Wilderness Is Yours,
But Under My Regime.
And You, My Love
And My Guardian
And My Strength
And When I Am Weak
And Unclothed.
Quietly – Calmly
Who Guards Behind
Your Wild – Canines.
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.06.15…


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