:::…Monsoon Monday – And An Unrest Retreat …:::

:::…Monsoon Monday – And An Unrest Retreat …:::
Monsoon Monday…
And An Unrest Retreat,
Today, I Would Not Chase You,
Though The Chained Thoughts…
Crawling Quietly
Your Sonatas.
You and Me…
The Fantasy Wanders Vast-Eve-Sky…
Makes Me Rejoice The Moment
As We Locked The Lips…
To Never Untie The One-Soul,
As If Sundays Are All Dreamy-Fantasy.
The Memorable Moments…
May Stay For Weeks,
May Not Fade Away,
Would Love To Swim Through…
The High-Tide-Memory Of Yours,
Do Not Want To Surrender.
Silently Alone…
Would Expedite The Time
To A Peaceful – Quiet – Gentle,
Irrelevant Weather
Where The Sun Is Clumped
By Clouds To Diffuse The Day.
Monsoon Monday…
And An Unrest Retreat…
Serenity Governs The Soul,
Whispers Your Name…
The Sun Sets At The Horizon.
And Another Week
Passing By Without You.
At The Night,
inconsolably Miss You
That Brings An Unrest Retreat.
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.07.01…


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