:::…A Phishing Rod – Lust and Greed…:::


:::…A Phishing Rod – Lust and Greed…:::
“A Black-Widow Female Spider Attracts The Male-Spider With Her Sexual-Fragrance For The Sex-Ritual … And As The Sex-Ritual Ends … There Ends The Life Of The Black-Widow-Male-Spider …”
Mohanlal was crying and he could not believe that he had lost his life’s hard-earned money with his few-friends money that he asked them to loan him. He had lost some 1-million INR to an on-line phasing-fraud. Mohanlal a bank manager was offered a transfer of 5-million rupees in his account by his sexy-young-online Facebook-Female-Friend. As he never had seen such amount and was greedy, plus having a love-corner for beautiful females. As he got befriended with one fake-African-female just by her Facebook request for a friendship. The fact – he was in the Net-Of Phishing-Fraud and the main reason was his Lust For Money + Young Females. At the end-of-it – “He was in a big mess of the losing the Hard-Earned Money with the trust of the Family + Wife + Friends …”
Since a year every-one in India is getting Facebook Friend-Request from an unknown ‘Young-Sexy-Black-Beauty” from Africa in their “In-Box” as a message. Few months back the message use to be like –
“I’ve $ 5-Million in my bank account and I want to transfer that in to your Bank-Account because there is a Riot going on by Militants in my country North Sudan. So, I cannot take the money out of my country as cash and I would like that 5-million to be transferred in to your bank account. You can keep 75% of the money with you and can send me back 25% of the total amount as I come out of the North Sudan after 5-days. Please, be hurry and send me 5% of the amount in my bank-account. So that, I can pay the processing fees to the bank to transfer the amount in to your bank-account.”
Or … With that that Female-ID would say –
“I want to marry you … Bla Bla Bla … Please pay me 5% of the amount so that I can transfer the 5-million Dollars in to your bank account …”
And few Lusty-Guys may fall a pray to this lust-web fraud scheme. Though, some Greedy-Lusty people did get cheated to lose their hard-earned money and many could control the greediness and could save the self.
Now these Bogus-Bums have changed their style. They do not talk about Marriage or the Money directly. Very recently again-and-again almost 4-times a week we Indians are getting the In-Box messages from this fake-female-ID “Sexy-Young-Black-Beauty” saying –
“Hi, I liked your profile and would like to be your friend. Please write back to me on my e-mail ID Jessi@xyzmail.com. So that, I can send you, my more pictures. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.
My research on this subject says that- Once you start communicating with this Fake-Sexy-Female-ID through e-mails …they reply back to you without even reading your e-mail… and after some communications they ask you for the help and ask you to transfer certain amount in their account so that –
1. They can Transfer the Millions of Dollars in to your account for your benefit … and as fall a pray to their Lust-Greed-Trick of Phishing …you reveal your Bank-Account details and Identity… and that’s it – they may withdraw all the money you have in your account and you get “Bankrupt”.
2. They can come to your country to stay with you as you give your Full-Name + Address + Date Of Birth… and that’s it … They have all your sensitive-security-information… And at the end they use your security information to enter in to your bank account and transfer all your money to their own account and you get “Bankrupt”.
So who is responsible to promote such On-Line Frauds?
Look around you; you have many Greedy-Lusty idiots in your friend-list that may include you. if you fall a pray to such fraudulent “Sexy-Young-Female-IDs”, then your on-line-life and the real-life is on toss. This may be usual for every Facebook ID to get such non-sense message; because your One-Lusty-Greedy Facebook-Friend is a “Mutual-Friend” and most of the time that mutual-friend is a real-ID of the 40+ Yrs-old Man… Who is in search of the sex out-side the marriage or sexy-girls-images to masturbate on. Such addictive behavior may cost heavily to anyone. All the time you need to be alert while revealing your Identity on Facebook or using Facebook-Password to get (fake) benefits from fake-web-page like recharge-on-mobile or a free-mobile-hand-set … Who the hell in the world would distribute all these for free? Do they want be bankrupt? …”No” … right? So… How That Person Who Is Getting Your Vital-Info May Affect You? … Here are the some ideas….
We don’t know who it is who is trying to enter your circle of friends on Facebook, but it could be someone who wants to track your activity without you know. Possibilities include a jealous partner you’ve fallen out with, a rival in love or business, or simply someone who has an unhealthy crush on you.

Whatever their motive, someone stalking your online activities and able to read your newsfeed without your permission is creepy. Imagine, for instance, the possibility of coming to harm if you are using a service like Facebook Places which allows other users to determine your physical location.
Identity thief.
Your bogus Facebook friend may be interested in your profile because of the information you might be sharing up there. That is a “Full date of birth” on Facebook.

In the past I’ve discovered that many users are all too willing to share a dangerous amount of personal information with complete strangers on Facebook – such as their full date of birth, email address, and phone number. This is all information that could be useful to identity thieves.
Spammer/Malware author.
You’re more likely to open a message from a Facebook “friend” than a complete stranger, because you implicitly trust the person you believe has sent you the message. Therefore, if a bogus Facebook friend sends you a link to a webpage with an alluring enough title, you might well click on it. That is a “Spam” from a Facebook friend.

Don’t be surprised if you’re taken to a webpage containing adverts for improving your sexual performance, or a website carrying a malicious Trojan horse, a rogue Facebook application that tricks you into taking a survey, or even a bogus Facebook login page that attempts to phish your password from you.
As well as the malware, phishing and spam shenanigans described above, one confidence trick we often see imposters performing on Facebook is the “stranded in a foreign city” scam. Although these can occur when a genuine friend’s Facebook account is taken over by a scammer, it’s also possible for fraudsters to create an account in the name of somebody you know with the intention of tricking you into wiring them money.
“The Lust and the Greed for Money Are the Two Known Easy Way to Attract “The Fools” And Kill Them – Loot Them – Bankrupt Them … If you want to be the VICTIM of such Greed OR Lust Oriented On-Line Phishing-Fraud Than It Is Your Own Choice To Go-And-Die …Exactly like a “Black Widow Male Spider”… The attraction to Lust-Greed may end in to a death.
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.08.31…


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