“Love – Can Be Special By Your Own Creative Expression”


“Love – Can Be Special By Your Own Creative Expression”
As I observe around about the printed-love… What can I say, about some of the Writers – Poets who just keeps on writing about the “Love & Romance”…and the general readers perceive them as smarter and more competent love heads… And if I separate that an open way of “just-printed” Love & Romance that has nothing to do with the real or a genuine love, without which none of us may not… or rather should not venture-love to live the life.
There you find rarely happy woman because what they find in him is his just unwanted other half, because at the start of life… that the half of a man you experience is followed by Woman’s love – passion – love fantasies… and as if the woman follows the shadow of their own love-fantasy. Those women slowly ultimately suffers – remain deprived – feels jealous to remain without a smiles.
I would like the love to be written in verse as hot-hot – supple – blown – purely conscious… It has to be everything a human love really should be and not just over-exaggerated-fantasies… One should write about real-her and real-him… as about himself and herself with the laid-bare with the emotions… where the simple key is a fiery-passion… and would not be complex as the writer choose the words. It’s nice to go into loving details… but not vulgar… though of course it is right to write a fiery-passion… Which can only make a woman aware of themselves… potently in the mental framework…and yet gentle as a drop of water on a man’s palm!!!… The writer should seek the safety of the man’s hands as a part of the love process for the woman as a human and never be treated as a toy for the Love-Game or A Sex-Game.
In Love one may feel like dancing in a rain together or a tight Hug in the kitchen and blending with each-other under the romantic-shower in the wetness… Or may be un-paused long kisses… It is an expression of what you feel in-side to do with her-him while feeling to love the partner… and not the fantasy which cannot be accomplished and remain unsatisfied… Though you can always express in different creative way of your own to make the love feel a special God-Particle phenomenon…
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.09.26…


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