:: Film Review:: Haider :: To-Be OR Not-To-Be ::

Film Review:: Haider :: To-Be OR Not-To-Be
A story of a man against his own adverse circumstances and the betrayal of his own respected elders… and adultery of his own mother whom he loves more than his life… as he knows everything behind the scene “a few friends – many foes – no escape reality situation” as his emotional heart drives his actions more than his logical brain… To love is his imbibed quality… and knowing it well that he is betrayed of his emotional values and looted by his morals, he still cannot change his stand from “within”… It is not that he cannot take revenge by killing the known-responsible poisonous-human-snake of his life… but if he does that then he knows – with that he might kill the trust – love of the one who is an only center-of-his heart that is his beautiful-mother…
Now, you Audience decide – “what to do?… To Take The Revenge? Or …Not?”
As the pre-announcement of the film said – It is an excellent adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ – To -“Haider”… The story starts slowly as… A young man returns home to Kashmir on receiving news of his father’s disappearance. Not only does he learn that security forces have detained his father for harboring militants, but that his mother is in a relationship with his very own uncle. Intense drama follows between mother and son as both struggle to come to terms with news of his father’s death. Soon Haider learns that his uncle is responsible for the gruesome murder, what follows is his journey to avenge his father’s death (*Says IMDb)…. and in search of the revenge and intense love for his mother the “Haider” wonders around in a fight between the heart and the brain … as To Be …? Or Not To Be…?
I would Rate the adoption of the story as 4.5 Stars. Why so high? Please read the last paragraph of the review.
The film is a good blend of the Great direction – excellent acting – Superb Dialog written from the heart of the a Doctor with a Human-Rights idea + A woman who searches for the Kinky-Illusive-Love + A great love-relation of Mother-Son + A Poisonous-Snake Idea To Destroy the life of the Family by Chachu-jaan + The Government who has their strict ideas of keeping the Nation safe… The plot may be an adoption from the Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ but the script is not an adoption … It is far superior which builds the great relation between the Land -Citizen – Security Forces – that affects the life of the Four-main-character… which just gets shattered between the two country – two man – one woman… everything gets shattered and the situation emerges at the end as – “chutzpah” …for every other elements than the Mother-Son…
An Excellent direction by Vishal Bhradwaj… Though the film sometimes takes a slow pace… I would rate the Direction part as 4-Stars …
The Cinematography is good though not excellent as it could have been with some more efforts put into screen-play and location plans… But the “Song” selection with the situation and the great music composition by Vishal-Bhradwaj himself (he claims that he has composed the Music) adds to the mood-of-the situation … Though sometimes the background score is at disturbing decibel-level than the Dialogue… The “Bismil Bismil Bulbul-E-Bismil Bismil..Mat Mil Mat Mil Gul Se Mat Mil Mat Mil..” song-dance-with a blend of a folk-music and amazing choreography is not only entertaining but it builds-up the last-part of the film at an interesting-curious-unknown turn… and pushes the audience interest further in to the film…
Though the music while the songs is good … I would rate this part of the film just at a 3-star… as some goof-up in weak location + screen-play and background score has happened.
The film is not against India or Indian army but the film is a symbolic presentation of-
“The Kashmir and The Kashmir’s Situation – Here the “Gazala – mother of Haider” is a “Land Of Kashmir” and “Haider” is the “Kashmiri people”… who loves their mother-land but confused about the father of the land … that is – India who is helping them in all ways as the sober father of Haider or the one who is “Chacha-jaan” Pakistan who has eyes on the Kashmir-land and killing the Indian-Fatherhood”…
As Kashmir with the Column-370 is “Half-Merged” with India… same as “the mother Gazala” half-married with the Haider’s Doctor-father and waiting to be loved by the Poisonous-Intention of her husband’s younger brother’s Love-Affection which is an “Illusion” of love in reality … same as the Pakistan -a younger brother of India is “Flirting” with the Land-of-Kashmir for giving them a false promise of freedom by “killing-Kashmir-Citizen” and looting their normal-happiness by betraying them with the Terrorism… Pakistan the “Chchu-jaan” of Kashmir has the Poisonous-Intention… AND- “Kashmiri are fighting between their own heart and brain – their mother-land and their Father-Nation – To Take Revenge Or To Love? – To Be Or Not To Be …?”
I’m Impressed by the Great-Adoption of the plot from the “Hamlet” and Action Script with the well-blended perfect direction – acting in a film … So my rating for the film is “4-star” … That makes the Film A Must View Film … At Any coast of Time and Money …
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.10.12…


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