:::…Sonata In The Heart Of The Wolfs…:::

:::…Sonata In The Heart Of The Wolfs…:::
A Skin Color Pure As Porcelain
Eyes Dipped In Aquamarine
With A Touch Of Purple
But Under The Guise Of Fragile
Blood Is Lush On The Surface
On A Rosy September
Hyperbolic Fatal Wave
In The Veins …
Of A Nobel Woman…
He was the one,
would appear out of nowhere to create a Melodious-Music, Whaley acoustic waves
To spread the Vibration… miles, through water, air, human blood-ether…
Without claiming of being a kit of the bottlenose dolphin, nor a Wizard of OZ, although he knew the blood-wave of a wolf’s odd-improvised-tricks
With a high-speed Ramshackle-Magic, To Strike The Love Cords…
With the Predator’s-Instincts…
She and He…
Would rob feelings, were Magnificent in their Prime-Fancy in the Cruel love-game… Veterans in thousand battles… The Adults over the Corpses of Unwary…
They Shattered the Stereotypes, With an Intention to built new Love-Power-Constellations…
Conquered and Defeated Disobedient, Built the Magnificent Cities… Loved – Gambled – Lost The Heart and Again…
Again Continued The Game… All over again in the new Wars – Chiming Victory…And…Celebrated as they Kissed, below…
They Kissed the Monolith-Arch and, To prepare the Love-Nest of the Hardest-Granite… To Secure their Wolf-Heart… Within The Two-Cross-Monolith-Arch…
The Rift
Has Emerged in a Section
Perfectly Straight
Deep – Mid – With a Fullness
At One Point Of Time,
They Were Blended…
Their Hearts Were Connected
Through A Glance Of
Aquamarine + Red Eyes
And So The Palms….
No Delusion-Fangs
Are Too Sharp
For Kissing and Merging…
May Be The Horns-Of-Ego
Too Hard For Empathizing
The Misapprehending Orchestra Struck
And Suddenly Disappeared All ….
Only Hyperbolic-Love-River
Still Flowing Upstream
As If Affection-Cord-Pianist
Playing A Last Upward Rhythm …
And The Spring Grew In Their Hearts
To Sing The …
Sonata In The Heart Of The Wolfs…
– Jayendra Ashara …2015.01.18…


:::.. A Film Rieview ::: PK …:::

Do you want me to analyze this movie in-words for you guyz?…
Or… Simply say “a Par-Below the Expectation” Movie!!!…
The movie starts with the Old-Rotten Indian-PJs as if the script is lifted straight from the Joke-Industries of India till the “Interval” … and suddenly the Movie Script Changes after the Interval to Paresh Raval’s famous movie “Oh My God” … The Script and the total concept of the film is such a Shit that you find the self Cheated of Your Money…
This is a 1st Bakwas-Movie under Raju-Hirani’s direction… As there is no element of Direction here … Very poor Film-Editing where many-times the location of character and the camera angel-sequences has gone for the toss …The Dialogue and the Visual does not match… Though, may be the Cool back-ground score and the songs lifts the spirit of the film temporarily …But the over-all impression + impact of the film is “A Great Pathetic Film” …. Raju has wasted all good-actors here as Anaushka Sharma-Kohali + Amir acts convincingly well as always …and as usual Boman Irani + Saurabh-Shukala excels in their film-character … Though the Script fails them to lift the film even as a Good-Film …
I’m not going in to – “Why they just blasted Hindu-Gods? and Not the Fanatic-Muslim or Foxy-Xianity rigid-belief … B’coz I have already said – The movie has Old-Rotten concept and a straight copy of the film OMG …”
“Raju Hirani, I never expected such a Crap-Movie like “PK” from you!!! …”
Friendz….Instead of spending Time & Money for the Crap-Movie “PK”… You should watch a “SAB-TV” daily comedy serials which are on similar concept …Those are 1. “Badi Dur Se Aye Hai” 2. “Yam Hai Ham” … with the fresh ideas – scripts – actors ..
After watching “PK” – “I believe, the Hindi Cinema has to work hard to make the films better than their close-competitor the Tv-Serials…” 
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.12.21…

“Does It Work, Being Formal In Conveying Good-Wishes?”

“Does It Work, Being Formal In Conveying Good-Wishes?”
“Starts The Festive-Holydays To Initiate The Useless-Formal-Not From The Heart Ordeal Of “Well Wishes” … That Starts With The Copied Massages From All Friends & Relatives, Which Does Not Mean ‘Really’ Anything.”
Isn’t it strange that – The human mind naturally is being perceived as dumb-inactive-feeling less… which achieves exactly the opposite result? As, People evaluate our intentions-interests-feelings as their own, and behave or send messages…!!! 
For example, when I throw a new year’s pictures on social-media with messages like “Great Party Is Here!!!”, even if “I’m not happy”… but on the contrary in fact, it seems that I do not deliberately being loud on a clear message that “I am Jay and please do not to send me copied cards or links”. As, I would not read it!!! …Similarly, for the birthday you receive some “Expensive 1920’s Swedish Scotch + Cognac-cool”, but of course, You Do Not Drink at-all for the last twenty years, and this gift underscores the indifference of its author. Says the tag-label – “Open Up & Be Happy!!”… adding to your pain of useless-gift is the tag-label advise… as that ‘Fart’ have No Idea that – “You do not need to be drunk to speak-out the truth loudly…” 
Of course as a “the practice of kindness”… Why it is for us to accept the wrong greetings?… is that a great-ability to accept people as they are and to perceive their actions as feedback on our own-self-being? We’re also not different from those farts… How much we tried to learn-know about others? At-the-same-time, how well have we tried to convey them our values or being a unique we? If they are not very-good at translating their values in action, then both should work-on-it. 
But here’s what we do ourselves… is another matter. So, I would like you to work on this issue, my friends: be careful… Ask yourself, how healthy are your intentions-interests to develop and preserve the relationships… whether your “congratulations/greetings” enters the recipient’s physical-needs or heart-feelings? Whether, you are simply performing a social function through computer+Internet without giving a thought? Whether, you want to make them heart-feel the message which makes a difference to them Or that gesture was not less than the pleasure of greeting than your ego from what is greeted? Did your intention of greetings stood-out among the other special warmth, sincerity, lightness, and humor…in short – the fact is that… “did he/she appreciated it from the heart?”… Think. 
At the end, congratulations to the 90% of the socially-spammed useless-greetings!! Therefore, other times the best choice would be simply to abstain and do not indulge in such unwanted act. And certainly you should refrain, if you do not want to congratulate or covey the right-greetings to develop a personal relationship. Otherwise, the Grandfather-Ganesha will be very displeased with you/him/her.
“Just A Thought Series – 002”
– Jayendra Ashara …2015.01.06…