:::.. A Film Rieview ::: PK …:::

Do you want me to analyze this movie in-words for you guyz?…
Or… Simply say “a Par-Below the Expectation” Movie!!!…
The movie starts with the Old-Rotten Indian-PJs as if the script is lifted straight from the Joke-Industries of India till the “Interval” … and suddenly the Movie Script Changes after the Interval to Paresh Raval’s famous movie “Oh My God” … The Script and the total concept of the film is such a Shit that you find the self Cheated of Your Money…
This is a 1st Bakwas-Movie under Raju-Hirani’s direction… As there is no element of Direction here … Very poor Film-Editing where many-times the location of character and the camera angel-sequences has gone for the toss …The Dialogue and the Visual does not match… Though, may be the Cool back-ground score and the songs lifts the spirit of the film temporarily …But the over-all impression + impact of the film is “A Great Pathetic Film” …. Raju has wasted all good-actors here as Anaushka Sharma-Kohali + Amir acts convincingly well as always …and as usual Boman Irani + Saurabh-Shukala excels in their film-character … Though the Script fails them to lift the film even as a Good-Film …
I’m not going in to – “Why they just blasted Hindu-Gods? and Not the Fanatic-Muslim or Foxy-Xianity rigid-belief … B’coz I have already said – The movie has Old-Rotten concept and a straight copy of the film OMG …”
“Raju Hirani, I never expected such a Crap-Movie like “PK” from you!!! …”
Friendz….Instead of spending Time & Money for the Crap-Movie “PK”… You should watch a “SAB-TV” daily comedy serials which are on similar concept …Those are 1. “Badi Dur Se Aye Hai” 2. “Yam Hai Ham” … with the fresh ideas – scripts – actors ..
After watching “PK” – “I believe, the Hindi Cinema has to work hard to make the films better than their close-competitor the Tv-Serials…” 
– Jayendra Ashara …2014.12.21…


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