:::…Sonata In The Heart Of The Wolfs…:::

:::…Sonata In The Heart Of The Wolfs…:::
A Skin Color Pure As Porcelain
Eyes Dipped In Aquamarine
With A Touch Of Purple
But Under The Guise Of Fragile
Blood Is Lush On The Surface
On A Rosy September
Hyperbolic Fatal Wave
In The Veins …
Of A Nobel Woman…
He was the one,
would appear out of nowhere to create a Melodious-Music, Whaley acoustic waves
To spread the Vibration… miles, through water, air, human blood-ether…
Without claiming of being a kit of the bottlenose dolphin, nor a Wizard of OZ, although he knew the blood-wave of a wolf’s odd-improvised-tricks
With a high-speed Ramshackle-Magic, To Strike The Love Cords…
With the Predator’s-Instincts…
She and He…
Would rob feelings, were Magnificent in their Prime-Fancy in the Cruel love-game… Veterans in thousand battles… The Adults over the Corpses of Unwary…
They Shattered the Stereotypes, With an Intention to built new Love-Power-Constellations…
Conquered and Defeated Disobedient, Built the Magnificent Cities… Loved – Gambled – Lost The Heart and Again…
Again Continued The Game… All over again in the new Wars – Chiming Victory…And…Celebrated as they Kissed, below…
They Kissed the Monolith-Arch and, To prepare the Love-Nest of the Hardest-Granite… To Secure their Wolf-Heart… Within The Two-Cross-Monolith-Arch…
The Rift
Has Emerged in a Section
Perfectly Straight
Deep – Mid – With a Fullness
At One Point Of Time,
They Were Blended…
Their Hearts Were Connected
Through A Glance Of
Aquamarine + Red Eyes
And So The Palms….
No Delusion-Fangs
Are Too Sharp
For Kissing and Merging…
May Be The Horns-Of-Ego
Too Hard For Empathizing
The Misapprehending Orchestra Struck
And Suddenly Disappeared All ….
Only Hyperbolic-Love-River
Still Flowing Upstream
As If Affection-Cord-Pianist
Playing A Last Upward Rhythm …
And The Spring Grew In Their Hearts
To Sing The …
Sonata In The Heart Of The Wolfs…
– Jayendra Ashara …2015.01.18…


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